Meet Darren Kennedy from HMWS Australia
November 30, 2023

A seasoned Business Development Manager at HMWS Australia, with over 15 years of diverse experience in sales, business development, across various industries. Darren’s passion and unwavering determination drives him to establish a prominent market presence by closely aligning clients’ unique needs with the right solutions. Darren has a knack for forging relationships and excels at demonstrating the value of specialised product lines, transforming clients into loyal, long-term partners.
His expertise in building enduring business alliances and leveraging client satisfaction and loyalty as a competitive edge make him a valuable asset in the world of business development.

Looking back, Darren’s professional journey started in sales and later he transitioned into working with SMEs and business improvement.

“I have a varied work history in that I started solely working in sales and gradually I transitioned across to working with SMEs and business, helping them improve and evolve.

“Today, my role involves a blend of sales, business management, and collaborating with manufacturers. It’s not just about selling a product, it’s about delivering solutions that truly benefit our customers.”

“From very early on, I had it drummed into me that selling is a privilege and an honour. This philosophy has stayed with me and continues to shape my approach to working with clients.”

“When I work with a business-owner facing challenges, I step into their shoes. I aim to provide solutions that make them happy, more successful, and align with our goals at HMWS.”

In today’s digital era, with a backdrop of automated systems and faceless transactions, Darren has come to champion the importance of trust, relationship, and the human touch in business development.

“When I first dipped my toes into the world of business, it was all about sales. But as time unfolded, my perspective shifted. It’s no longer about pushing a product onto someone – instead it is about understanding the client’s core needs.

“Transitioning from a transactional mindset to one of genuine service has been pivotal for me.

“The beauty of my job is the empathy it demands. I constantly find myself thinking about the challenges of a business owner, who, amidst a barrage of obstacles, strives to not just earn money but to truly enjoy their life.

“When you genuinely care and connect, the technical, financial, and contractual aspects of the job become much easier.”

Efficiency and downtime are some of the common challenges Darren helps his clients overcome.

“Looking at the challenges businesses face today, there’s a few recurring themes I commonly see. These are the need for efficient processing times, the consistent challenge of hiring skilled staff, and above all, the quest for trust.

“In our world—whether it’s Australia or anywhere else—there’s an evident lack of trust and genuine relationships in business.

“We live in a fast-paced world and people are always on the move. As a result, commitments sometimes fall by the wayside, and with that trust is lost.

“That’s why it’s crucial to have skilled, stable staff and the ability to adapt to changes in the business landscape. Even moreso, it’s important that businesses have real personal connections, despite living in an increasingly automated world.

“We are living in a digital era, where the human element often feels like it’s taking a back seat and I’ve always believed in the power of authentic connection.

“I always give 150 percent and if a client ever felt I was ‘just another’ service provider, I’d prefer to step back.

As the global business community sprints towards the future, adopting every new technology at its fingertips, Darren believes there’s a balance to strike.

“At HMWS, quality is paramount and so is looking past what is in front of us. Our team of engineers is amazing and there’s a commitment to providing support that runs deep within our business.

“Internal communication within our company is paramount to delivering really well in what we do. With better communication comes better value in every process throughout the journey.

“You can have the best technology in the world – but without those integral moving parts in the business that make it genuine, it becomes very difficult to evolve and adapt.

Darren shares advice he would give to those looking to follow in his footsteps.

“Advice I would give to my younger self and other people would be to find out what motivates you in the morning and keep it simple.

“Find out what you’re good at and what you love and then find a way to combine the two.

“Once you’ve identified that, that’s the furnace that keeps you going.”

Darren Kennedy’s approach to business development is refreshing and client-centric, emphasising the importance of trust, relationships, and solving complex problems. His philosophy is a testament to the idea that in the world of sales and business development, being of service is the greatest privilege.